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Center Grove HS, IN (AAAA)

The Center Grove High School Band is a former Grand National champion.

Top 30 History
currently unranked
25th on 10/21/14 (Week 6)
28rd on 10/14/14 (Week 5)
29th on 10/07/14 (Week 4)
28th on 9/30/14 (Week 3)
26th on 9/23/14 (Week 2)
24th on 9/16/14 (Week 1)

24th on 11/19/13

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In 2016, Center Grove will be competing at the Indianapolis Super Regional and the Grand National Championships.

Center Grove competed at the Indianapolis Super Regional and the Grand National Championships.

Their Indianapolis performances showed a very consistent year. They had a great performance in prelims and finals, placing 10th overall. Making finals at a super regional is a huge accomplishment and Center Grove does it year after year.

At Grand Nationals, they stayed in about that same relative position, passing a few groups they lost to at Indy Super, but placing 16th overall.

Center Grove competed at the Louisville Regional, the Indianapolis Super Regional, and the Grand National Championships. At Louisville, Center Grove had a surprising third place finish almost 3 full points behind Castle and Franklin. We expected this gap to lapse a little as we went into the Indianapolis Super Regional and Grand Nats, but they remained about 2 points behind Castle and exactly 4 points behind Franklin at the Indy Super Regional. At this point in the season, Center Grove's was no longer justified holding a spot in the top 30 and their Grand Nats performance didn't change that. As we look to 2015, we'll see if Center Grove can make their name back into the top 30 or if they'll spend the whole season off the list.

Arcestrations sneaked into 13th place at Grand Nationals scoring just a single point behind Ayala in semis, but Center Grove should have nothing to be down about. This band was equal to or better than the finalist CG in 2012, it was simply a tougher year. They improved a lot from their Muncie regional showing. This consistent bubble band will once again likely play the same bubble game and land anywhere from 9-16 in Grand Nats 2014. And as many sarcastic commenters have pointed out, they sure know how to line up on an arc.

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