2023 Shenandoah (Houston I) Regional

The 2023 Shenandoah Regional was held Sept. 30 at Woodforest Bank Stadium in Shenandoah, Texas. It was the first of two regionals held in Houston. Cy-Fair took the top spot and won their first regional champion title, with Clear Book and Klein Oak finishing second and third.

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1. (81.00) Cy-Fair, TX
2. (79.30) Clear Brook, TX
3. (77.95) Klein Oak, TX
4. (77.75) Friendswood, TX
5. (76.70) College Park, TX
6. (76.35) Dawson, TX
7. (75.55) Wylie East, TX
8. (74.40) Cypress Woods, TX
9. (74.35) Seven Lakes, TX
10. (73.25) Stephen F. Austin, TX
11. (72.95) Foster, TX
12. (72.30) Oak Ridge, TX

Music: College Park, TX
Visual: Cy-Fair, TX
GE: Cy-Fair, TX
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Class AAA
1. Clear Brook, TX
2. Friendswood, TX
3. Foster, TX
Music: Friendswood, TX
Visual: (3-way tie) Clear Brook, TX; Friendswood, TX; and Stephen F. Austin, TX
GE: Clear Brook, TX

Class AAAA
1. Cy-Fair, TX
2. Klein Oak, TX
3. Dawson, TX
Music: Cy-Fair, TX
Visual: Cy-Fair, TX
GE: Cy-Fair, TX
1. The Woodlands, TX
2. Cy-Fair, TX*
3. Bridgeland, TX
4. Pearland, TX
5. Wylie East, TX*
6. Clear Brook, TX*
7. Klein Oak, TX*
8. Friendswood, TX*
9. College Park, TX*
10. Oak Ridge, TX*
11. Dawson, TX*
12. Jordan, TX*
* 2023 attendee
Music: David Carbone, Daniel Montoya Jr, Jay Webb, and Todd Zimbelman
Visual: Lee Carlson, Frank Miller, and John Turner
Chief: Chris Ferrell