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11. Marcus HS, TX (AAAA)

The Marcus High School Band is a former Grand National finalist and a recipient of both the Sudler Shield and the Sudler Flag.

Top 30 History
11th on 11/15/16 (Week 10)
10th on 11/08/16 (Week 9)
10th on 11/01/16 (Week 8)
9th on 10/25/16 (Week 7)
9th on 10/18/16 (Week 6)
8th on 10/11/16 (Week 5)
15th on 10/04/16 (Week 4)
14th on 9/27/16 (Week 3)
12th on 9/20/16 (Week 2)
14th on 9/13/16 (Week 1)

15th on 11/17/15 (Week 10)
13th on 11/10/15 (Week 9)
13th on 11/03/15 (Week 8)
13th on 10/27/15 (Week 7)
12th on 10/20/15 (Week 6)
12th on 10/13/15 (Week 5)
12th on 10/06/15 (Week 4)
11th on 9/29/15 (Week 3)
9th on 9/22/15 (Week 2)
8th on 9/15/15 (Week 1)

9th on 11/18/14 (Week 10)
6th on 11/11/14 (Week 9)
7th on 11/04/14 (Week 8)
7th on 10/28/14 (Week 7)
8th on 10/21/14 (Week 6)
8th on 10/14/14 (Week 5)
7th on 10/07/14 (Week 4)
7th on 9/30/14 (Week 3)
7th on 9/23/14 (Week 2)
9th on 9/16/14 (Week 1)

9th on 11/19/13

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In 2016, Marcus will be competing at the Plano Regional and the San Antonio Super Regional.

Marcus (TX) performs in finals at the Plano Regional
on Oct. 8, 2016. // Photo by Jeremiah Wooten.
Marcus competed at the Arlington Regional and the San Antonio Super Regional.

Marcus placed 3rd of three Lewisville ISD schools in attendance (Flower Mound, Hebron, and Marcus), but tied for the GE caption in finals and won the music caption in prelims.

At San Antonio, Marcus continued to round out the Lewisville ISD dominance, placing 6th in finals at one of the most competitive events of the season.

Marcus attended the Denton regional and the San Antonio super regional. After Bowie dropped from the Denton regional, we knew it was a fight between Hebron and Marcus. Ultimately, Hebron won and Marcus got second, but at San Antonio, Marcus beat Hebron by almost a full point. With no Grand Nats trip expected until 2016, we'll have to settle for some more San Antonio performances.

At San Antonio, Marcus took both individual captions in finals, and made remarkable improvements from their finals run in SA to their final run of the season at Grand Nats. The 2012 UIL 5A State Champion was expected to be a contender for the Eagle in August. Though that wasn't how the year ended, this year should not be considered a disappointment. As proved by their incredible individual music and visual scores, with the right show design, this band has the capability of bringing the Eagle to Flower Mound in the near future.

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