2023 St. Louis Super Regional

The 2023 St. Louis Super Regional was held Oct. 27–28 at the Dome at America's Center. Blue Springs took the top spot, with O'Fallon Township, Westwood, and Bentonville narrowling separated in places two through four.

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1. (93.40) Blue Springs, MO
2. (90.075) O’Fallon Township, IL
3. (89.70) Westwood, TX
4. (89.55) Bentonville, AR
5. (88.40) Rosemount, MN
6. (88.00) Carroll, TX
7. (86.05) Lakota East, OH
8. (84.05) Germantown, MS
9. (83.90) Millard West, NE
10. (83.40) Morton, IL
11. (83.30) Hernando, MS
12. (81.40) Blue Springs South, MO
13. (81.15) Bentonville West, AR
14. (79.25) Lindbergh, MO

Music: Blue Springs, MO
Visual: Blue Springs, MO
GE: Blue Springs, MO
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Class A
1. Marian Catholic, IL
2. Sullivan, MO
3. Monticello, IL
Music: Marian Catholic, IL
Visual: Marian Catholic, IL
GE: Marian Catholic, IL

Class AA
1. Morton, IL
2. Germantown, MS
3. Hernando, MS
Music: Morton, IL
Visual: Hernando, MS
GE: Morton, IL

Class AAA
1. Blue Springs, MO
2. Rosemount, MN
3. Lakota East, OH
Music: Blue Springs, MO
Visual: Blue Springs, MO
GE: Blue Springs, MO

Class AAAA
1. O’Fallon Township, IL
2. Bentonville, AR
3. Westwood, TX
Music: Westwood, TX
Visual: O’Fallon Township, IL
GE: (tie) Bentonville, AR and O’Fallon Township, IL

1. Broken Arrow, OK
2. Blue Springs, MO*
3. Bentonville, AR*
4. Lincoln, SD
5. O'Fallon Township, IL*
6. Mustang, OK
7. LD Bell, TX
8. Lake Travis, TX
9. Grain Valley, MO*
10. Southmoore, OK
11. Blue Springs South, MO*
12. Hernando, MS*
13. Yukon, OK
14. Lindbergh, MO*
* 2023 attendee
Music: Chris Dessent, Nola Jones, Matt McCready, Paul McGarr, David Starnes, Clif Walker, Jay Webb, and Tim Yontz
Visual: Mike Anderson, Marie Czapinski, Austin Greene, Kim Kuhn, Gregory Llacer, and Michael Turner
Chief: Richard Saucedo
Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin.