Broken Arrow H.S., OK (AAAA)

The Broken Arrow Band is a three-time Grand National champion, a consistent super regional champion, and a recipient of the Sudler Shield.

In 2017, Broken Arrow is expected to attend the St. Louis Super Regional and Grand National Championships.


Broken Arrow (OK) performs in finals at the St. Louis Super Regional on Oct. 22, 2016, at the Dome at America's Center. // Photo by Jeremiah Wooten.
Broken Arrow competed at the St. Louis Super Regional.

Despite not competing at Grand Nats this year, BA did not hold back from creating another captivating (and extremely expensive) production. It was also a rather successful production, earning first place from all but one judge the entire weekend and breaking a record for the highest score at St. Louis.

We'll see if BA is able to bring another champion-level production to Indianapolis when they likely return to Grand Nats in 2017.


Broken Arrow competed at the St. Louis Super Regional and the Grand National Championships, winning both competitions.

At St. Louis, Broken Arrow had no trouble defeating Blue Springs and Union, with an over 1.5 point margin of victory in both prelims and finals. This was just the showing they needed to be on track for a grand national champion title.

When they arrived at Lucas Oil, Broken Arrow had a much tougher challenge, specifically Hebron. In prelims, Broken Arrow won their day, beating Hebron by a full point. But in the semifinals, Hebron pushed ahead mainly because of their GE scores. In finals, Broken Arrow came back to achieve a narrow victory over Avon and Hebron, thanks in part to the performance order which had Hebron in the first performance time and Broken Arrow in the last performance time.

It was a very successful year for Broken Arrow when you include their Midwest Clinic performance and Rose Bowl invitation. Looking to the future, we'll see if BA can defend their national title in 2016.


Broken Arrow competed at the St. Louis Super Regional and the Grand National Championships. They sailed through a win at St. Louis and put up a good fight at Grand Nats, coming in second place close behind Tarpon Springs. There's no doubt that this was the best Broken Arrow the world has ever seen, but unfortunately, it just wasn't enough to beat the best Tarpon the world has ever seen. We can only hope they'll give it another chance next year and maybe take home the eagle.


The 2006 and 2011 Grand National Champion was sorely missed at the 2013 Grand National Championships, but they managed to still keep the nation's attention thanks to solid victories in St. Louis, Atlanta, and OBA state finals over a three week stretch. Broken Arrow will be returning to Grand Nationals in 2014, and we're excited to see if they have what it takes to retake the title in Indy — we think they certainly would have been in the running for it this season.