2021 Indianapolis Super Regional

The 2021 Indianapolis Super Regional was held Oct. 22–23 at Lucas Oil Stadium. Carmel narrowly beat local rival Avon to secure the super regional champion title. Carmel won the awards for best music and visual performance, while Avon won best general effect.

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1. (91.70) Carmel, IN
2. (91.50) Avon, IN
3. (88.70) William Mason, OH
4. (85.70) Castle, IN
5. (85.625) Fishers, IN
6. (85.50) Brownsburg, IN
7. (83.575) Homestead, IN
8. (82.85) Center Grove, IN
9. (82.20) Owasso, OK
10. (81.55) Centerville, OH
11. (80.70) Lawrence Township, IN
12. (80.575) Franklin, TN
13. (80.15) Goshen, IN
14. (77.10) Choctaw, OK

Music: Carmel, IN
Visual: Carmel, IN
GE: Avon, IN
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Class A
1. Edgewood, IN
2. Western, IN
3. Monrovia, IN
Music: Western, IN
Visual: Edgewood, IN
GE: Edgewood, IN

Class AA
1. Choctaw, OK
2. North Hardin, KY
3. Worthington Kilbourne, OH
Music: Choctaw, OK
Visual: Choctaw, OK
GE: Choctaw, OK

Class AAA
1. Castle, IN
2. Goshen, IN
3. Franklin, TN
Music: Castle, IN
Visual: Castle, IN
GE: Castle, IN

Class AAAA
1. Carmel, IN
2. Avon, IN
3. William Mason, OH
Music: (tie) Avon, IN
and Carmel, IN
Visual: Carmel, IN
GE: Carmel, IN
1. Avon, IN
2. Carmel, IN
3. Blue Springs, MO
4. Lincoln-Way, IL
5. Homestead, IN
6. O'Fallon Township, IL
7. Lockport Township, IL
8. Fishers, IN
9. Lawrence Township, IN
10. Mustang, OK
11. Castle, IN
12. Center Grove, IN
13. Brownsburg, IN
14. North Hardin, KY
1. Carmel, IN
2. Avon, IN
3. Blue Springs, MO
4. Homestead, IN
5. Union, OK
6. Lawrence Township, IN
7. Fishers, IN
8. Castle, IN
9. Rosemount, MN
10. Center Grove, IN
11. Brownsburg, IN
12. Centerville, OH
13. Lakota East, OH
14. Plainfield, IN
Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.
Music: Levi Chavis, Chip Crotts, Glenn Fugett, and Jason Robb.
Visual: Curtis Costanza, John Howell, and Tim Ochran.
Chief: Nola Jones.
Music: Don Hill, Nola Jones, Matt McCready, and David Vandewalker.
Visual: William Chumley, Michael Gray, and Austin Greene.
Chief: Tim Ochran.