Avon H.S., IN (AAAA)

Title: Tableaux
— “Pictures at an Exhibition” by Modest Mussorgsky

Director: Matt Harloff

Drum Majors: Lily Davis, Shaelyn Harloff, Avery McDavid, Luke Sharp, and Jasmine Tincher.

4-time National Champion:
2023, 2010, 2009, and 2008.

4-time National Class Champion:
2016, 2010, 2009, and 2008.

21-time National Finalist:
2023, 2022, 2021, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, and 2001.

26-time National Semifinalist:
2023, 2022, 2021, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, and 1997.

8-time Super Regional Champion:
Indianapolis 2022, Indianapolis 2019, Indianapolis 2016, Indianapolis 2015, Indianapolis 2014, Indianapolis 2012, Indianapolis 2011, and Indianapolis 2010.

7-time Super Regional Class Champion:
Indianapolis 2022, Indianapolis 2019, Indianapolis 2017, Indianapolis 2016, Indianapolis 2015, Indianapolis 2012, Indianapolis 2011, and Indianapolis 2020.

14-time Super Regional Finalist:
Indianapolis 2023, Indianapolis 2022, Indianapolis 2021, Indianapolis 2019, Indianapolis 2018, San Antonio 2017, Indianapolis 2017, Indianapolis 2016, Indianapolis 2015, Indianapolis 2014, Indianapolis 2013, Indianapolis 2012, Indianapolis 2011, and Indianapolis 2010.

5-time Regional Champion:
Canton 2017, Dayton 2015, Indianapolis 2009, Indianapolis 2006, and Louisville 2003.

9-time Regional Class Champion:
Canton 2017, Dayton 2015, Indianapolis 2009, Indianapolis 2007, Indianapolis 2006, Indianapolis 2004, Indianapolis 2002, Louisville 2002, and Indianapolis 2001.

19-time Regional Finalist:
Louisville 2023, Louisville 2017, Canton 2017, Dayton 2015, Muncie 2013, Indianapolis 2009, Indianapolis 2008, Indianapolis 2007, Indianapolis 2006, Indianapolis 2005, Oxford 2005, Indianapolis 2004, Louisville 2004, Indianapolis 2003, Louisville 2003, Indianapolis 2002, Louisville 2002, Indianapolis 2001, and Indianapolis 1998.

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1st on 11/14/23 (Week 10)
2nd on 11/07/23 (Week 9)
2nd on 10/31/23 (Week 8)
3rd on 10/24/23 (Week 7)
3rd on 10/17/23 (Week 6)
3rd on 10/10/23 (Week 5)
3rd on 10/03/23 (Week 4)
3rd on 09/26/23 (Week 3)
3rd on 09/19/23 (Week 2)
3rd on 09/12/23 (Week 1)

4th on 11/15/22 (Week 10)
4th on 11/08/22 (Week 9)
2nd on 11/01/22 (Week 8)
2nd on 10/25/22 (Week 7)
5th on 10/18/22 (Week 6)
5th on 10/11/22 (Week 5)
4th on 10/04/22 (Week 4)
4th on 09/27/22 (Week 3)
4th on 09/20/22 (Week 2)
4th on 09/13/22 (Week 1)

5th on 11/02/21 (Week 8)
5th on 10/26/21 (Week 7)
3rd on 10/19/21 (Week 6)
3rd on 10/12/21 (Week 5)
3rd on 10/05/21 (Week 4)
3rd on 09/28/21 (Week 3)
2nd on 09/21/21 (Week 2)
2nd on 09/14/21 (Week 1)

3rd on 11/19/19 (Week 9)
2nd on 11/05/19 (Week 8)
1st on 10/29/19 (Week 7)
2nd on 10/22/19 (Week 6)
2nd on 10/15/19 (Week 5)
5th on 10/08/19 (Week 4)
4th on 10/01/19 (Week 3)
2nd on 9/24/19 (Week 2)
3rd on 9/17/19 (Week 1)

4th on 11/13/18 (Week 9)
6th on 11/06/18 (Week 8)
4th on 10/30/18 (Week 7)
4th on 10/23/18 (Week 6)
4th on 10/16/18 (Week 5)
5th on 10/09/18 (Week 4)
6th on 10/02/18 (Week 3)
4th on 9/25/18 (Week 2)
5th on 9/18/18 (Week 1)

5th on 11/14/17 (Week 10)
5th on 11/07/17 (Week 9)
3rd on 10/31/17 (Week 8)
3rd on 10/24/17 (Week 7)
6th on 10/17/17 (Week 6)
6th on 10/10/17 (Week 5)
3rd on 10/03/17 (Week 4)
3rd on 9/26/17 (Week 3)
3rd on 9/19/17 (Week 2)
3rd on 9/12/17 (Week 1)

4th on 11/15/16 (Week 10)
3rd on 11/08/16 (Week 9)
3rd on 11/01/16 (Week 8)
5th on 10/25/16 (Week 7)
7th on 10/18/16 (Week 6)
10th on 10/11/16 (Week 5)
8th on 10/04/16 (Week 4)
8th on 9/27/16 (Week 3)
7th on 9/20/16 (Week 2)
3rd on 9/13/16 (Week 1)

3rd on 11/17/15 (Week 10)
2nd on 11/10/15 (Week 9)
2nd on 11/03/15 (Week 8)
3rd on 10/27/15 (Week 7)
3rd on 10/20/15 (Week 6)
3rd on 10/13/15 (Week 5)
3rd on 10/06/15 (Week 4)
3rd on 9/29/15 (Week 3)
4th on 9/22/15 (Week 2)
4th on 9/15/15 (Week 1)

3rd on 11/18/14 (Week 10)
2nd on 11/11/14 (Week 9)
1st on 11/04/14 (Week 8)
1st on 10/28/14 (Week 7)
2nd on 10/21/14 (Week 6)
1st on 10/14/14 (Week 5)
3rd on 10/07/14 (Week 4)
3rd on 9/30/14 (Week 3)
3rd on 9/23/14 (Week 2)
3rd on 9/16/14 (Week 1)

4th on 11/19/13


The Avon Band is four-time Grand National champion, consistent regional, super regional and national finalist, and a recipient of the Sudler Shield.


After attending a likely record-setting five BOA events in 2017, Avon scaled back a bit this year, only competing at the Indianapolis Super Regional and Grand National Championships. Their fish-themed Romeo and Juliet show was a departure from the band's traditional marching band look and feel with the band members donning show-specific uniforms for the first time.

At the Indianapolis Super Regional, Avon finished a shockingly consistent 0.85 points behind Carmel in both prelims and finals. Avon was closest in the visual caption, which the groups tied in prelims and lost by just 0.05 points in finals.

At Grand Nats, Avon faced stiff competition from a surging Blue Springs and Broken Arrow. The band fell to fourth in semifinals, but ultimately jumped back up to 2nd in finals, maintaining Indiana's captive hold on the top two spots.


Avon performs at the Canton Regional on Sept. 16, 2017, at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium. // Photo by Christopher Drake
Avon embarked on an extensive tour of BOA show in 2017, forgoing local and state ISSMA contests to compete against many of the best bands in the country. The season started off with a pair of Ohio regionals in Canton and Dayton, followed by super regionals in Indianapolis and San Antonio, ultimately leading up to the Grand National Championships back in Indianapolis.

At the Canton Regional, Avon won both prelims and finals with a solid margin, despite only having about five minutes of show on the field. That short show resulted in a 1.0 point penalty each round. As exciting as a champion title is to start to the season, this win wasn't too suprising with no other national finalist-caliber groups in attendance. The Dayton Regional was a prelims-only contest after severe weather caused finals to be canceled. Based on prelims results, Avon finished narrowly behind local rival Carmel but won the music caption and tied Carmel in general effect.

The Indianapolis Super Regional showed Avon again neck-and-neck with Carmel. The Marching Black and Gold won the prelims contest, again winning caption awards for best music and general effect, but slipped to a narrow second place in finals, after Carmel took back the general effect caption.

But that wasn't the only super regional Avon attended this season. The group also took an incredibly long drive down to the San Antonio Super Regional to compete with the best of Texas. Avon won the visual caption in both prelims and finals, but finished fourth overall in finals, a sign of just how competitive this event is.

Back in Indianapolis, the Marching Black and Gold completed their whirlwind tour at the Grand National Championships where the intensity of competition multiplies even more. Avon finished third place in both semifinals and finals competition, less than a half point behind Oklahoma powerhouse Broken Arrow.


Avon (IN) performs in semifinals Nov. 12, 2016, at Lucas Oil Stadium. // Photo by Jeremiah Wooten
Avon competed at the Indianapolis Super Regional and Grand National Championships.

At Indy Super, Avon beat out fellow Indiana powerhouse, Carmel, sweeping captions in prelims and finals. This was Avon's second weekend of winning in Lucas Oil Stadium. The week prior, they were named Indiana state champions.

Avon was likely hoping to make that three weekends in a row of winning in Lucas Oil. At first, it appeared they would be successful, winning the semifinals competition at Grand Nats. However, in finals, Carmel had a shocking victory, breaking a tie with Avon by a higher GE score. Avon won the music and visual captions.


Avon (IN) performs in finals Nov. 12, 2016, at Lucas Oil Stadium. // Photo by Jeremiah Wooten
Avon competed at the Dayton Regional, Indianapolis Super Regional, and Grand National Championships. It was a very successful year for the Marching Black and Gold, finishing first at Dayton and Indy, and second in Grand National Finals.

Because of weather, the finals competition at the Dayton Regional was cancelled, but Avon proved in prelims they were on track for a great season, beating Carmel by about one point, even with a half-point penalty because of prop height.

At the Indianapolis Super Regional, Avon pulled ahead of Carmel yet again, increasing the point spread with several weeks remaining until Grand Nats.

When Grand Nats arrived, Avon was in the right position for a win, but faced tough competition from Hebron and Broken Arrow, two groups that were also in position for a win. After placing third in prelims and semis, Avon placed second in finals.

Looking at the past few years of Avon performances, it appears that the Marching Black and Gold is gearing up to reclaim their spot at the top of the rankings and take home the Eagle. Who knows, next year could be the start of another three-peat.


Avon competed at the Indianapolis Super Regional and Grand National Championships. Originally, they were scheduled to attend the Toledo regional, but withdrew several weeks before the competition. Avon won the Indianapolis Super Regional and went into Grand Nats very well prepared. However, they faced some pretty tough competition from Tarpon Springs and Broken Arrow and ended up in third place. Apparently futuristic robots are cooler than moths.


Avon's Top three finish at Grand Nationals was well deserved, but from the stands, it was evident that their show required the most demand out of all of the bands in finals at Grand Nationals. Matt Harloff continues to work wonders with the Avon brass line, arguably the most powerful in BOA, and their force was felt throughout the ballad and into their closer. This group definitely has the talent and staff to win the Eagle and we wouldn't be surprised if this next season is the start of another three-peat.