2022 Indianapolis Super Regional

The 2022 Indianapolis Super Regional was held Oct. 21–22 at Lucas Oil Stadium. This time Avon took the top spot, with Carmel finishing in a close second.

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1. (92.80) Avon, IN
2. (92.20) Carmel, IN
3. (90.60) Blue Springs, MO
4. (90.05) William Mason, OH
5. (87.925) Fishers, IN
6. (87.55) Brownsburg, IN
7. (87.45) Jenks, OK
8. (85.15) Castle, IN
9. (84.60) Lincoln-Way, IL
10. (83.95) Grain Valley, MO
11. (82.75) Goshen, IN
12. (82.10) Centerville, OH
13. (81.25) Union, OK
14. (81.075) Lafayette, KY

Music: (tie) Avon, IN
and Carmel, IN
Visual: Avon, IN
GE: Avon, IN
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Class A
1. Edgewood, IN
2. Princeton, IN
3. Scottsburg, IN
Music: Edgewood, IN
Visual: Edgewood, IN
GE: Edgewood, IN

Class AA
1. Grain Valley, MO
2. Franklin, TN
3. Jasper, IN
Music: Franklin, TN
Visual: Grain Valley, MO
GE: Grain Valley, MO

Class AAA
1. Blue Springs, MO
2. Castle, IN
3. Goshen, IN
Music: Blue Springs, MO
Visual: Blue Springs, MO
GE: Blue Springs, MO

Class AAAA
1. Avon, IN
2. Carmel, IN
3. William Mason, OH
Music: Carmel, IN
Visual: William Mason, OH
GE: Avon, IN
1. Carmel, IN
2. Avon, IN
3. William Mason, OH
4. Castle, IN
5. Fishers, IN
6. Brownsburg, IN
7. Homestead, IN
8. Center Grove, IN
9. Owasso, OK
10. Centerville, OH
11. Lawrence Township, IN
12. Franklin, TN
13. Goshen, IN
14. Choctaw, OK
Music: Mike Howard, Jager Loyde, Van Matthews, Paul McGarr, Travis Moddison, Chester Phillips, Greg Williams, and Timothy Yontz
Visual: Lee Carlson, Marie Czapinski, Greg Llacer, Randy Nelson, Juno Orefice, and Michael Turner
Chief: John Phillips
Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.