Top 32 Rankings — Oct. 12, 2021 (Week 5)

Top 32 Rankings — Oct. 12, 2021 (Week 5)

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Vandegrift performs at the 2021 Austin Regional. // Photo courtsey of Vandegrift Band photographers.
As has become routine, the major changes in this week's rankings are the result of a couple of big Texas events. This week we saw Flower Mound take the top spot in a close Dallas Regional and Vandegrift defeat previously no. 1 ranked Ronald Reagan at the Texas Marching Classic in Austin. You can dig into all of the recaps and scores on our results tab.

Flower Mound's win in Dallas pushed them up to the no. 7 spot in our rankings. Their score (87.00) was lower than Reagan's (88.15) score from last week's Katy Regional, and lower than the top four groups at the Texas Marching Classic. While we don't advise comparing scores directly across competitons, our advisors consistently agreed with the numbers and kept the top bands from Austin, Houston, and San Antonio above Flower Mound. Unfortunately, FloMo hasn't gone head-to-head against Reagan, Vandegrift, or The Woodlands yet this season. And because they are not competing at San Antonio this year, they won't see any of those groups until Grand Nationals. That is going to make it really hard to compare them against the rest of the Texas field and could lead to some big suprises in Indianapolis.

The Texas Marching Classic also produced some exciting results, with Vandy, Reagan, and Johnson earning the top spots. Cedar Park and Leander regained the lead over Rouse they had lost at the Austin Regional, with Rouse grabbing the last spot in the top half of finals. It's still an impressive showing from Rouse and a huge improvement over past years.

At the Cedar Falls Regional, Camdenton won their first regional champion title, making them the second Missouri band to win a BOA regional. That was enough to retain thier position in the next 10. Just a few hours south of Camdenton, Bentonville also made some history, winning the Renegade Review this weekend. They beat bands like Owasso and Bixby who had in previous weeks beat Union. It wasn't enough to earn them a spot in the rankings this week, but it's a good position to be in as Bentonville prepares for the St. Louis Super Regional in less than two weeks.

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  1. Vandegrift, TX (2)
  2. Ronald Reagan, TX (1)
  3. Avon, IN (3)
  4. The Woodlands, TX (4)
  5. Broken Arrow, OK (5)
  6. Carmel, IN (6)
  7. Flower Mound, TX (10)
  8. Claudia Taylor Johnson, TX (7)
  9. Hebron, TX (8)
  10. Tarpon Springs, FL (9)
  11. Marcus, TX (11)
  12. Blue Springs, MO (12)
  13. William Mason, OH (13)
  14. Vista Ridge, TX (14)
  15. Cedar Park, TX (17)
  16. Cedar Ridge, TX (16)
  17. Wando, SC (15)
  18. Castle, IN (19)
  19. Leander, TX (21)
  20. Homestead, IN (20)
  21. Rouse, TX (18)
  22. Round Rock, TX (22)
  23. Dobyns-Bennett, TN (23)
  24. O'Fallon Township, IL (24)
  25. Fishers, IN (27)
  26. Keller, TX (30)
  27. Pearland, TX (28)
  28. Westlake, TX (26)
  29. Lincoln-Way, IL (29)
  30. Coppell, TX (unranked)
  31. LD Bell, TX (31)
  32. Cypress Woods, TX (First Out)
First Out: James Bowie, TX (32)

Next 10, in alphabetical order: American Fork (UT), Ayala (CA), Brownsburg (IN), Camdenton (MO), Chino Hills (CA), Jenks (OK), Klein Oak (TX), Rosemount (MN), Seven Lakes (TX), and Westwood (TX).