Top 30 Rankings — Nov. 10, 2015 (Week 9)

Top 30 Rankings — Nov. 10, 2015 (Week 9)

This is a set of rankings from an older poll. We keep all our polls online for archival purposes. You might want to view the current Top 30 rankings or read how we determine rankings.

The previous week's ranking is in parenthesis.
  1. Tarpon Springs H.S., FL (1)
  2. Avon H.S., IN (2)
  3. Flower Mound H.S., TX (4)
  4. Broken Arrow H.S., OK (3)
  5. Ronald Reagan H.S., TX (5)
  6. Carmel H.S., IN (6)
  7. Claudia Taylor Johnson H.S., TX (7)
  8. Hebron H.S., TX (8)
  9. William Mason H.S., OH (10)
  10. Cedar Park H.S., TX (11)
  11. Marian Catholic H.S., IL (12)
  12. Leander H.S., TX (9)
  13. Marcus H.S., TX (13)
  14. The Woodlands H.S., TX (14)
  15. Round Rock H.S., TX (15)
  16. Blue Springs H.S., MO (16)
  17. LD Bell H.S., TX (17)
  18. Vandegrift H.S., TX (22)
  19. Homestead H.S., IN (18)
  20. Owasso H.S., OK (19)
  21. Harrison H.S., GA (20)
  22. James Bowie H.S., TX (21)
  23. Union H.S., OK (23)
  24. Kennesaw Mountain H.S., GA (24)
  25. Castle H.S., IN (25)
  26. Dobyns-Bennett H.S., TX (27)
  27. Ayala H.S., CA (26)
  28. Cedar Ridge H.S., TX (29)
  29. Lake Central H.S., IN (unranked)
  30. Fort Mill H.S., SC (unranked)
Next 10, in alphabetical order: Bellevue West (NE), Friendswood (TX), James F. Byrnes (SC), Keller (TX), Lawrence Township (IN), North Hardin (KY), O'Fallon Township (IL), Vista Ridge (TX), Wando (SC), and Winston Churchill (TX).


  1. Why when I click on Dobyns - Bennett and then click on read more about Dobyns-Bennett does it take me to Ft. Mill Page?

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    1. Nation Ford has been in the next ten for quite some time. I dont think they'll be out of it for long.

    2. We don't look at local scores, so out goes Summerville. Nation Ford is an interesting one that I agree with you on (actually, I had them in the top 30) but they're borderline enough to be questionable, so I get that. Also, American Fork? Based off of what?

    3. American Fork has a BOA Regional Championship this year. That has to count for something.

  3. Byrnes is a much better band then Summerville. If we went off of SC state contests to rank the bands in SC we would be fooling ourselves. Wando is many points better than Summerville. Nation Ford and Fort Mill are very close. Nafo might have solidly beaten Fort Mill at Winston, but Fort Mill was able to beat Dobyns - something Nafo couldn't. So we could argue all day but it's just a list. Nothing more

  4. If you all really want to be critical of this list, I would challenge Kennesaw Mountain's position. Or maybe Lake Central. KM won an extremely weak regional. They are very small now and honestly aren't better than the 3A powerhouses ruling the southeast right now... Dobyns Bennett, Harrison, Franklin, Fort Mill, and Nation Ford. I feel these bands could easily beat out KM.

  5. All people just need to realize that it's simply a fun prediction game. Nothing more, nothing less. Just because your band isn't on it doesn't mean you have a bad band. In fact, I'd argue that Nation Ford is one of the best in the country, and their not being on the list doesn't phase me because I know how great they are, and no list will change that.

  6. Im only disappointed when good bands choose not to compete and bands that do compete should be rewarded. That's all. I think Byrnes is a a top band. They only went to one competion this year the state championship. That's what is disappointing.

  7. Ok, well yes Byrnes is a good band. I think they should have placed 2nd at state. Summerville is overrated. But had nafo or fm gone to 5A state this past weekend, I bet one of them would have beaten wando. Fm already did at atl, breaking the decade streak of wando not being beaten by another SC band. Fm improved tremendously from winston to atl. Wando improved tremendously from atl to state. I love all SC bands they are great. except Summerville.