Top 32 Rankings — Nov. 13, 2018 (Week 9)

Top 32 Rankings — Nov. 13, 2018 (Week 9)

The annual Grand National Championships finals brings some conclusion to our weekly rankings, which we are expanding this week to feature the Top 32 bands in the nation. This is the last rankings of the 2018 season, but you can go ahead and mark your calendars: our first rankings of 2019 will be released Sept. 17.

Carmel performs at the Grand National Championships on Nov. 10, 2018, at Lucas Oil Stadium. The band was named national champion for the third consecutive year. // Photo by Jeremiah Wooten.
Most of this week's changes were based on results from Grand Nats, but there are also a couple minor swaps based on Texas' UIL state championships, which were held approximately the same time as as last weekend's rankings were released.

Avon, Blue Springs, Carmel, Prosper, and William Mason all saw significant increases in their placements after exceeding expectations at Grand Nats. Carmel earned their third-consecutive national champion title, trailed narrowly by silver-medalist Avon and first-time national medalist Blue Springs. Prosper continued the streak of Texas bands that miss finals at San Antonio grabbing a spot in national finals, and William Mason jumped back into finals after falling out last season.

Center Grove returned to the rankings for the first time since 2014, finishing just one spot out of finals, while several other Grand Nats competitors like Homestead, Jenks, O'Fallon, and Wando saw their placements hold steady as they finished in approximately the same placement as expected. Still others dropped in the rankings after placing lower than expected in Indianapolis. In total, 13 Grand National competitors earned spots in the top 32, with an additional four groups in the next 10.

The biggest story out of UIL 6A state was Vista Ridge earning the gold medal. The band has been on the rise all season, finishing fourth just a few days prior at San Antonio Super. A state championship is a huge accomplishment and pushed them all the way up to third place in the overall rankings.

The previous week's rankings are in parenthesis. Read about how we determine rankings.
  1. Carmel H.S., IN (4)
  2. Flower Mound H.S., TX (3)
  3. Vista Ridge H.S., TX (8)
  4. Avon H.S., IN (6)
  5. Ronald Reagan H.S., TX (5)
  6. Blue Springs H.S., MO (9)
  7. Broken Arrow H.S., OK (2)
  8. Hebron H.S., TX (7)
  9. Tarpon Springs H.S., FL (1)
  10. Claudia Taylor Johnson H.S., TX (10)
  11. Leander H.S., TX (11)
  12. Vandegrift H.S., TX (12)
  13. Wando H.S., SC (13)
  14. The Woodlands H.S., TX (14)
  15. Keller H.S., TX (15)
  16. Marcus H.S., TX (17)
  17. Cedar Ridge H.S., TX (18)
  18. Homestead H.S., IN (19)
  19. Jenks H.S., OK (20)
  20. William Mason H.S., OH (25)
  21. Hendrickson H.S., TX (21)
  22. Dobyns-Bennett H.S., TN (16)
  23. Prosper H.S., TX (Next 10)
  24. Westlake H.S., TX (24)
  25. James Bowie H.S., TX (23)
  26. Park Vista H.S., FL (22)
  27. O'Fallon Township H.S., IL (26)
  28. LD Bell H.S., TX (27)
  29. Ayala H.S., CA (29)
  30. Center Grove H.S., IN (unranked)
  31. Harrison H.S., GA (31)
  32. Lincoln-Way H.S., IL (28)
First Out: Timber Creek H.S., TX (Next 10)

Next 10, in alphabetical order: American Fork (UT), Cedar Park (TX), Coppell (TX), Dripping Springs (TX), Franklin (TN), Marian Catholic (IL), Rockford (MI), Stoneman Douglas (FL), Vista Murrieta (CA), and Waxahachie (TX).


  1. 18. Homestead H.S., IN
    19. Jenks H.S., OK
    20. William Mason H.S., OH

    You DO realize that Mason beat both bands in semifinals AND finals at Grand Nationals, right? The robustness of your system is called into question by the ranking order.

    1. Homestead beat Mason in the finals

    2. 7 - William Mason - 91.00
      8 - Homestead - 90.15
      9 - Jenks - 90.10

  2. I'm a little confused on why Vandegrift didn't move up after getting third at State, being ranked 1st by some judges.

  3. You neglect California bands way to much. Like Its cool that Ayala went up in ranks, but i feel they shouldve jumped up even more since they took 1st at 2 BOA regionals, which is a very big accomplishment. Also you seem to rank based off favoritism, since Carmel's first place at Grand Nats is considered extremely controversial and i feel you dont completely judge off of pure skill but instead based off name. The reason i bring up names is that Ayala's score at the Utah BOA regional was the 6th highest score in the nation at the time, and if they took that score to Indy, they would've placed as a finalist, yet, you ranked them 29th. I think you should start ranking these with a little more critique and really take a look at each band, since theres alot of groups that are up there in skill that could make finals, and yet there names arent even on the ranks. Thank you. btw can you please bring back the podcast, it was cool to hear your thoughts.

    1. you can't compare scores across competitions like that. What happens is that they look at the relative difficulty of the competition as in who else attends. If they won by a large margin with no real competition and a high score, that doesn't show how they would do against other top 30 bands. Scores cannot be carried across competitions at all.

  4. Will LWMB repeat as Grand Champion at ISU?