2021 Grand National Championships

The 2021 Grand National Championships were held Nov. 11–13 at Lucas Oil Stadium. Broken Arrow won a fourth national champion title, with Indianapolis locals Carmel and Avon finishing second and third. Despite a strong cohort of 7 Texas bands in attendance, none were able to break into the top 3 spots.

In 2019, Vandegrift ended Carmel's streak of national victories in their first trip to Grand Nationals. While Vandegrift is not scheduled to return to nationals in 2021, Team Texas will be thoroughly represented by the reigning state champion Claudia Taylor Johson, reigning San Antonio champion Ronald Reagan, and many other finalist-caliber groups who have won their own slew of regionals, super regionals, and even national championships.

Several other past finalists, who either regularly attend every other year or took a year off for a major parade, will be returning in 2021. Blue Springs, Broken Arrow, Dobyns-Bennett, O'Fallon Township, and Wando were all finalists during their latest appearance in 2018. But with seven potential finalists from Texas and the typical Midwest powerhouses, these groups will have an uphill battle to prove they deserve a spot on Saturday night.

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1. (98.25) Broken Arrow, OK
2. (97.05) Carmel, IN
3. (96.65) Avon, IN
4. (96.20) The Woodlands, TX
5. (95.40) Flower Mound, TX
6. (93.275) Marcus, TX
7. (92.70) C. T. Johnson, TX
8. (91.95) Dobyns-Bennett, TN
9. (91.45) Ronald Reagan, TX
10. (90.35) Blue Springs, MO
11. (90.20) William Mason, OH
12. (89.90) Vista Ridge, TX

Music: Flower Mound, TX
Visual: Broken Arrow, OK
GE: Broken Arrow, OK
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Class A
1. Murray, KY
2. Archbishop Alter, OH
3. Bourbon County, KY
Music: Murray, KY
Visual: Archbishop Alter, OH
GE: Murray, KY

Class AA
1. Norwin, PA
2. Marian Catholic, IL
3. Jenison, MI
Music: Norwin, PA
Visual: Norwin, PA
GE: Marian Catholic, IL

Class AAA
1. Dobyns-Bennett, TN
2. Blue Springs, MO
3. Castle, IN
Music: Dobyns-Bennett, TN
Visual: Dobyns-Bennett, TN
GE: Blue Springs, MO

Class AAAA
1. Broken Arrow, OK
2. Carmel, IN
3. Avon, IN
Music: (tie) Avon, IN
and Marcus, TX
Visual: Broken Arrow, OK
GE: Broken Arrow, OK
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Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin
Music: Ryan Brittain, Dave Carbone, Glenn Fugett, and W. Dale Warren.
Visual: Ken Giese, John Howell, and Michael Turner.
Chief: John Phillips.
Music: John Alstrin, George Boulden, Nola Jones, and Greg Williams.
Visual: Lee Carlson, Robert Solomon, and Jim Sturgeon.
Chief: John Phillips.
Music: Mike Howard, Jay Kennedy, Chester Phillips, and Ken Turner.
Visual: Curtis Costanza, Marie Czapinski, and Tim Ochran.
Chief: John Phillips.
Music: George Boulden, Glenn Fugett, Nola Jones, and Greg Williams.
Visual: John Howell, Jim Sturgeon, and Michael Turner.
Chief: John Phillips.