Top 30 Rankings — Oct. 9, 2018 (Week 4)

Top 30 Rankings — Oct. 9, 2018 (Week 4)

Flower Mound, Hebron, Keller, LD Bell, Ronald Reagan, and many other bands made their premiere at a BOA event this past weekend. Most of the results aren't terribly surprising, but they did provide a few adjustments to this week's rankings.

Ronald Reagan performs in finals at the Houston Regional on Oct. 6, 2018, at Woodforest Bank Stadium. The band was named regional champion. // Photo courtesy of Wayne Shanks and the Reagan Band Parents Association. Used by permission.
Ronald Reagan earned the regional champion title, causing the band to shoot up to sixth place. The second- and third-place bands, Vandegrift and The Woodlands, maintained similar placements in the rankings, despite keeping about a half point gap between Reagan and Vandy. James Bowie slid up a few spots, and Cy-Fair earned a spot in the Next 10, both based on their results from Houston.

LD Bell reclaimed their spot in the rankings after finishing in the top half at the Bedford Regional. While weather caused the finals competition to be cancelled, we did get a full prelims schedule in first. We necessarily take prelims results with less weight because of the inherent inaccuracy that comes from judging 30 bands over nine hours, but placements seemed to fall out approximately how we expected. Flower Mound had a slight advantage over Hebron, though that could easily change by San Antonio. Keller finished in a definitive third followed by Cedar Park in a similarly definitive fourth. Timber Creek finished in a respectable sixth place, just narrowly behind LD Bell. Had a finals competition been held, it's possible, some may say even likely that Hebron/Flower Mound or LD Bell/Timber Creek would have swapped places.

Harrison earned their way back into the rankings for the first time in over a year. The band earned first place in prelims and finals at the Jacksonville Regional. Second-place Kennesaw Mountain earned a spot in the Next 10.

The previous week's rankings are in parenthesis. Read about how we determine rankings.
  1. Carmel H.S., IN (1)
  2. Broken Arrow H.S., OK (3)
  3. Tarpon Springs H.S., FL (5)
  4. Claudia Taylor Johnson H.S., TX (4)
  5. Avon H.S., IN (6)
  6. Ronald Reagan H.S., TX (10)
  7. Flower Mound H.S., TX (7)
  8. Leander H.S., TX (8)
  9. Hebron H.S., TX (2)
  10. Vandegrift H.S., TX (9)
  11. The Woodlands H.S., TX (11)
  12. Vista Ridge H.S., TX (12)
  13. Keller H.S., TX (14)
  14. Wando H.S., SC (15)
  15. James Bowie H.S., TX (17)
  16. Dobyns-Bennett H.S., TN (13)
  17. Blue Springs H.S., MO (16)
  18. Cedar Park H.S., TX (18)
  19. O'Fallon Township H.S., IL (19)
  20. Marcus H.S., TX (20)
  21. Cedar Ridge H.S., TX (21)
  22. Homestead H.S., IN (22)
  23. William Mason H.S., OH (26)
  24. Franklin H.S., TN (24)
  25. Marian Catholic H.S., IL (28)
  26. Hendrickson H.S., TX (23)
  27. LD Bell H.S., TX (Next 10)
  28. Castle H.S., IN (25)
  29. Timber Creek H.S., TX (29)
  30. Harrison H.S., GA (unranked)
Next 10, in alphabetical order: Ayala (CA), Center Grove (IN), Centerville (OH), Cy-Fair (TX), Kennesaw Mountain (GA), Owasso (OK), Prosper (TX), Round Rock (TX), Union (OK), and Winston Churchill (TX).