Top 32 Rankings — Sept. 21, 2021 (Week 2)

Top 32 Rankings — Sept. 21, 2021 (Week 2)

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Ronald Reagan performs at the 2019 San Antonio Super Regional. // Photo by Jeremiah Wooten.
Band is back! We just wrapped up the first weekend of BOA events a few days ago, with events in Atlanta, Dayton, and McAllen. You can read our detailed analysis of Carmel and Centerville's commanding leads, Walton's first-ever regional champion title, and Louis D. Brandeis's first regional win. Or you can dig into all of the recaps and scores on our results tab.

We didn't see many changes in this week's rankings because nothing too surprising happened. Carmel's been winning early season regionals in Southwest Ohio for decades, and we knew going into the Atlanta Regional that whoever won would be a first-time regional champion. Even Brandeis's win in McAllen wasn't completely unforseen.

Moving into the second week of contests, we expect a lot of things to change. The Austin Regional is always a bloodbath, and not even the expansion to 12 finalists will allow enough spots in finals for all the deserving bands. We'll also get our first look at several Houston-area bands at the first Houston regional.

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  1. Ronald Reagan, TX (1)
  2. Avon, IN (2)
  3. Vandegrift, TX (3)
  4. Broken Arrow, OK (4)
  5. Claudia Taylor Johnson, TX (5)
  6. Carmel, IN (7)
  7. Hebron, TX (6)
  8. Vista Ridge, TX (8)
  9. Tarpon Springs, FL (9)
  10. The Woodlands, TX (11)
  11. Marcus, TX (10)
  12. Flower Mound, TX (13)
  13. Blue Springs, MO (12)
  14. William Mason, OH (15)
  15. Leander, TX (14)
  16. Wando, SC (16)
  17. Homestead, IN (17)
  18. James Bowie, TX (19)
  19. Round Rock, TX (18)
  20. Lincoln-Way, IL (20)
  21. LD Bell, TX (21)
  22. Keller, TX (23)
  23. Union, OK (22)
  24. O'Fallon Township, IL (25)
  25. Ayala, CA (24)
  26. Haltom, TX (26)
  27. Dobyns-Bennett, TN (27)
  28. Fishers, IN (28)
  29. Cedar Ridge, TX (29)
  30. Cedar Park, TX (32)
  31. Westwood, TX (31)
  32. Pearland, TX (30)
First Out: Castle, IN (Next 10)

Next 10, in alphabetical order: American Fork (UT), Brownsburg (IN), Center Grove (IN), Centerville (OH), Coppell (TX), Harrison (GA), Lafayette (KY), Lawrence Township (IN), Vista Murrieta (CA), and Westlake (TX).